Best Airports in the world 2009

One of the greatest invention of mankind, the Airplane. We can now fly to every corners of the world. We have all flown on Airplanes and as much as we love to fly we hate staying on transit for hours. But if you get to be on one of the best Airports, it can be fun. You could also brag to your friends about the trip. So where are the best airports in the world?

Incheon Airport, Seoul
Incheon Airport, Seoul
This survey from Skytrax has named the top 10 airports in the world. And the award to goes to Incheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea

The survey was conducted over a period of 10 months by Skytrax in 196 airports around the world and more than 8.6 million passengers from over 95 nationalities took part. The survey dubbed “world’s premier airport survey” is said to measure more than 35 elements of the airport experience, determining how well each airport performs against their customers expectations. So next time you are out there planning for a trip try to route your flight with these airports. I have been to one, Singapore and it is the best one I have ever been to. So it can be a fun experience.


Here is a list of TOP AIRPORTS voted for 2009

1. Seoul Incheon

2. Hong Kong

3. Singapore Changi

4. Zurich

5. Munich

6. Kansai

7. Kuala Lumpur

8. Amsterdam

9. Centrair Nagoya

10. Auckland


[Via World Airport Awards]

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