‘Jado Ma Nyano’ Campaign For People Suffering From Cold

GoalNepal.com has launched “Jado Ma Nyano” campaign for the Nepalese people who are suffering from cold in this cruel winter season.


GoalNepal.com and HelpNepal Network have collaboratively launched the campaign from which the football portal will collect clean clothes from the football fanatics and donate the clothes to the needy people.

More than 25 people have already been killed by cold waves across the country. Hence, the organizers believe initiatives should be taken to help stop it and to carry out the responsibilities of a good citizen.

While launching the campaign, GoalNepal.com CEO Bikram Thapa urged Nepalese football lovers to donate their clean but unused clothes to GoalNepal.com cloth bank. 

“We have cloth bank from which we donate clothes to the needy people through HelpNepal Network”, CEO Thapa added, “We feel proud to have dedicated Nepalese football fans with us who have always been supportive to us”.

“We expect clean and unused clothes from football fans”, added Thapa.

All those who want to donate clean but unused clothes are requested to make contact at [email protected].

Your small contribution can make a big difference.

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