Nepali Movie: Dhuwani (2013)

Starring: Archana Dellala, Dhirendra Thapa, Haroon Ali, Kaka Ali, Kishor Khatiwada, Milan Suapati, Nauja Gayak, Prabin Khatiwada, Sugan Shahi, Uday Ali
Directed by: Pitambar Pandey
Produced by: Manjil Shrestha
Written by: Pitambar Pandey
Cinematography by: Purusotam Pradhan

Movie Synopsis: A presentation of Kabita Shrestha, under Kabita Films, Nepali movie ‘Dhuwani’ is made on the story of girls being trafficked to India. The movie shows how young girls from villages are lured with promise of good jobs and decent income in India. The movie produced by Manjil Shrestha is the debut movie of actress and model Sagun Shahi. The story of the action, thriller and adventure movie is written by the director Pitambar Pandey. The censor board had objected to some scenes in the movie. But, under the pressure of media, it was forced to clear the censor hurdle. In INFA 2014 films awards the movie was nominated in three categories – Best Actress (Sagun Shahi), Best Actor (Kishor Khatiwada) and Best Story (Pitambar Pandey).

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