Sajha Sawal 480 मनकारी म्याग्देली

विदेशमा रगत-पसिना बगाएर कमाएको पैसा आफ्नै गाउँठाउँको सडक, शिक्षा, स्वास्थ्यमा ‌लगाउने प्रवासी म्याग्देलीहरुको कथा यो साता साझा सवालमा।

One thought on “Sajha Sawal 480 मनकारी म्याग्देली”

  1. I appriciated the greatness of Myagdeli.people for their contribution for diverse development in their district from country & abroad i looked & acknowledged from Sajha Sawal live broadcasting .. Thanks to dedicated Myagdeli young ….aswell program presenter …..

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